Monday, April 4, 2011

172,800 minutes

Or 120 days
Or 3 months, 29 days
Or 10,368,000 seconds
Or 172,800 minutes
Or 2880 hours
Or 17 weeks until we have a baby!

Are worried about there being enough time left to get everything done?! Because I kinda am!!! 

Okay, deep breath. I am honestly not that worried, but seeing it written out does make my chest tighten a little. This perfectionist mama wants to have everything just so before our sweet boy gets here. A friend told me yesterday that I need to let go of some of that... she was talking about my weird paranoia over germs, but it applies to other stuff too, I think. :) PS: Just appease me and wash your hands before you ask to hold the baby. That way we avoid the awkward moment and I don't have to get one of those little signs to hang on his car seat that says, "Please wash your hands before touching mine". Some of you are laughing because you think I'm kidding... my family knows better.  

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