Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!
I hope you spend this day remembering the resurrection of our Savior. The amazing thing about the Gospel is NOT that Jesus came and died for us, what makes it so incredible is that He ROSE! 
Here are some things I'm meditation on today.

"I am the man that called out from the crowd
For Your blood to be spilled on this earth shaking
Yes then, I turned away with this smile on my face
With this sin in my heart tried to bury Your grace
And then alone in the night, I still called out for You
So ashamed of my life, my life, my life
But You love me anyway"
Sidewalk Prophets

"The idea that a virgin would be selected by God to bear himself...The notion that God would don a scalp and toes and two eyes...The thought that the King of the universe would sneeze and burp and get bit by mosquitoes...It’s too incredible. Too revolutionary. We would never create such a Savior. We aren’t that daring...In our wildest imaginings we wouldn’t conjure a king who becomes one of us.

But God did. God did what we wouldn’t dare dream. He did what we couldn’t imagine. He became a man so we could trust him. He became a sacrifice so we could know him. And he defeated death so we could follow him."

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