Saturday, March 22, 2014

On The Day You Were Born...

For you, my sweet Cooper. To always remember your birth day and the wonderful, blessed day that it was. 

What they say about women nesting before going into labor is true! At least it was for me. In preparation for your scheduled arrival on Monday (2/3), I was cleaning and getting the house in order. I put the finishing touches on your nursery and we had maternity/family pictures taken by our friend Lindsay on Thursday afternoon. I even mentioned to her and daddy that I was having contractions during our session.

On Friday, I cleaned like a mad woman. :) If there was a surface in this house that could be scrubbed, it was scrubbed. Daddy came home at lunch and that's when I had the first contraction that actually hurt a little bit.  I stopped in the hallway and caught my breath. Daddy asked if he should go pack a bag and I told him no. I thought it had just caught me off guard.  I took a shower and watched an episode of Nashville while Dane napped, waiting on Papa and Granna to get here. Thankfully Papa and Granna had already made plans to be here for the shower Ms. Cali and Ms. Jaynee were throwing for us that evening. I met Papa and Granna in the driveway when they got here. I hugged Granna and cried. I couldn't explain it then, but I was just so relieved she was here.

They had picked up Sonny's BBQ for supper. We ate together and then Granna and I got ready to go to Ms. Cali's. The shower was so perfect. It had a storybook theme: very hungry caterpillar fruit tray, goodnight moon sandwiches, etc. Those girls are so thoughtful! Gran and Aunt Meagan were there, and momma’s friends Elisha, Christah, CJ, and Hollie. You got lots of diapers and a few sweet outfits and other necessities. I had contractions off and on but thought they were Braxton Hicks and nothing to worry about.

We got home about 10:30pm and headed to bed. Daddy and I talked until about 11pm and then went to sleep. A contraction woke me up about midnight. I got up and went to the restroom and fell right back to sleep. Another woke me at 1am and then again at 2am. I was laying there thinking it was odd that they hurt enough to wake me, when Granna brought Dane to me. He had woken up crying for mommy. :) I snuggled him up, downloaded a contraction timer app on my phone and started watching contractions.

From 2:30-3:30am they were 8-10min apart. At 3:30am I got up to charge my phone, get some water, and call the hospital. I told the nurse that I had a c-section scheduled for Monday but was having regular contractions. She asked if they were making me uncomfortable and I said, "Well, I can't sleep!" She said I could come in and get checked by a doctor, but if I wasn't in labor they'd send me home. The hospital is 45 minutes away and I knew I couldn't be in labor (ha!), so rather than wake anyone I sat on the couch timing contractions. I decided I'd wake Granna at 6am, if they were still regular. By 4:30am, they were about 7 minutes apart and I was uncomfortable. I thought I might get some relief in the bath tub, so I tried to sneak into my room. Dane, who hadn't been sleeping well all night, popped up and said "Mommy!" I told him to go back to sleep and decided I'd just use the restroom and climb back in bed. Dane followed me to the potty. I picked him and carried him back to our bed. I put him down and climbed into bed myself...and my water broke! I breathed a big sigh, which was more like a cry because all of sudden I was scared! I really was in labor! Daddy said, "Momma, are you OK?" and before I could finish saying "I think my water broke" he was out of the bed and had one foot in his jeans. :) He woke up Granna, Papa got Dane, I put on dry clothes and then we were out the door! Daddy forgot his wallet and everything! We really should have packed beforehand!

Daddy did 100mph (no kidding) to get to the hospital. We got there in about 20min and by this time my contractions were about 5 minutes apart and hurt! They got me settled in pre-op and we waited on the doctor to come in. We were right between calls so we had to wait for a the doctor who was coming on call next. From the time we got there until you were born was about two hours, but it felt like forever! I don’t know how girls labor without medicine! Those contractions HURT and I knew I had a spinal block coming my way soon! 

The hospital couldn't get in touch with my doctor, Dr. Crosslin, so you were delivered by another doctor. Papa even called one of his doctor friends to call the hospital and get Crosslin's personal cell phone number! Dr. Priddle came in to meet us and talk to us. He was so kind and put us at ease. The nurses rolled me into the surgery room while daddy waited outside. They did my spinal block--which hurt this time! It didn't hurt with Dane, but I had sharp pains in that spot for a while after he was born. This time no pain afterwards, but man did I feel it go in!

Daddy came in and the surgery began! After a few minutes, Dr. Priddle asked if daddy wanted a picture, so he stood up and got a picture of you being born! The doctor held up your sweet, squishy face over the curtain so I could see you! The curtain with Dane's birth was a lot higher and the doctor didn't hold you up for me to see. Dr. Priddle left the cord long for daddy to cut, so daddy went over to the little place they had prepped for you, cut your cord and took lots of pictures. Then he wrapped you up and brought you over to me. You were so sweet- all slimy and new! I loved everything about that moment. Daddy went with you to the nursery while they finished my surgery. Just about 20 minutes later we were together in recovery where I got to nurse you and snuggle you. We didn't want you to have a bath (mommy wanted to keep the vernix on and see you all gooey and smell your sweet newborn head), but the nurse didn't listen when Daddy told her no bath. Honestly though, that was our only complaint about your entrance into the world, so I'll take it.

Papa and Granna arrived shortly after with Dane! Daddy brought him in and we got to be together as a family of four for the first time! I got to hold you as they rolled me to my room. It was all so wonderful. Dane's birth day wasn't at all like we had planned, even though it was scheduled. Your birth was a healing experience for me- getting to labor, seeing you as soon as you were born, daddy cutting your cord, holding you so soon and nursing right away was so special. Even if we didn't have pictures and video, I'd remember every moment because they mean so much to me. Even now, six weeks later, I'm still crying thinking about that perfect day. 

You were so wanted and you are so loved, Cooper Scott. You complete our family and fill a void we didn't even realize we had. As I held your sweet 9lb 7oz frame, it felt like you had always been in our family. You were always meant to be with us. We prayed over you before you were born. And we continue to pray that you hide God’s Word in your heart and come to know Him at an early age. Before you were born, I found a sign that reads “someday I will change the world”. I stood in the aisle at Hobby Lobby and cried like a baby. It was the most perfect sentiment to have hanging in your room. Beyond a doubt we know the Lord will use you to do BIG things in His Kingdom and for His people.

You are the calm to Dane’s wild. Not only do you look like your daddy, you act like him too. Sweet and gentle, unless you’re hungry or tired. :) We are so blessed to parent you and watch you grow. Our hearts are full and so is our bed—we’ve all been sleeping together since you arrived. Big brother doesn’t want to miss any of the action, apparently.

Welcome to the world, Cooper Scott. We love you to the moon and back.