Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dane's 2nd BDAY Monster Bash

I said I wasn't going to get carried away with Birthday Party #2... but I have this disease and I can't help myself! 

Dane loves Monsters Inc, so it seemed like a natural choice for his birthday celebration. Here are some pics from his big birthday bash!

I come from a family of cake decorators. You may remember that last year my Gramma saved the day when I smudged Dane's baseball cake, but she wasn't here to help this year! So, for my first amateur attempt at cake decorating, I was pleased! It didn't taste great, so there' still room for improvement. :)

We also had Mike Wasowki Cupcakes!
 For a July day, the weather was pretty good. And consider it had called for rain all week and we didn't get a drop, we thought the weather was perfect.
 All set up and ready for kiddos!
I found a recipe on Pinterest for Tiffany Punch, but the color was perfect for Sully, so called ours Sully Punch instead.

 Some of the little details:

 I made the "scream canisters" and my mom brought my baby brother's Sully costume (from the original release of the movie in 2001) so we could stuff it with pillows. Sully ended up looking like he'd thrown back a few though. :)
 We kept the menu simple: BBQ Chicken and Pork-- both cooked in the crockpot all day so no one was standing over the stove.

We were so blessed to be surround by family and friends to celebrate our sweet boy. But next year, momma's taking a party break. ;)