Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Cooper Turns 1!

One year ago today you entered the world with a bang! You didn't want to wait for your scheduled delivery, you broke mama's water and chose your own birthday. That was our first indication of your rough, tough (sometimes brute), determined little personality. Your big brother took to calling you Coopie and it has stuck! But it seems like such a silly nickname for a boy as big and tough as you! An early crawler and walker, there is no stopping you when you put your mind to something. We love to watch you play-- you copy Dane's movements and stick with something until you've mastered it. You laugh when you're being disciplined (Lord, help us!). We call you a hurricane because you leave a wake wherever you go! Yet, you are the most tender, loving child I have ever seen. You cover us in big, wet kisses and sweet hugs all the time, usually when we're least expecting them. You love to be snuggled and you maul your brother with big, adoring bear hug/wrestling take down moves (It's all out of love, we think). Your warm, toothy, cheesy grin melts my heart. Your easy going temperament is the calm to Dane's wild. It's hard to upset you and your face shows sheer joy almost all the time. We pray over you daily that you grow strong in God's word and love Him all the days of your life. With your determination and big heart, you're going to do amazing things for the Kingdom, kid. We are so very blessed to watch you grow. We love you to the moon and back, Cooper Scott Gooden Baby (another Dane nickname)! Happy 1st Birthday!