Sunday, April 10, 2011

a day of rest

After an emotional and Spirit-filled worship service, the Fox Family invited us and the Kelley Family to spend a day on the houseboat. A perfect way to spend this 87-degree spring day. 

Last year Emily introduced me to Frances Kelley. We share a love of Broadway, Beth Moore and Jesus and both have an innate sense of worry and bossiness. :) Tevie and I are so sad to see her, Phillip and their sweet girls, Caroline and Madelyn move to Kansas City next month but feel so blessed to have had them in our lives if even for short time. God knew exactly what I needed when he brought me Frannie. I'll forever cherish our late night chats on Emily's couch and her encouragement during my Walk to Emmaus.  

We enjoyed every last drop of sunshine on beautiful Lake Cumberland.  Though the weather was in the upper 80's, the water was ffffffreeezing! That did not deter three of the tiny divas from getting their feet wet. 

Caroline leaving her mark on a rock
Jason helps the girls ashore. If you magnified this picture you'd see Vivi's cute little bottom covered in sand and rocks. So sweet! :)

Tevie watching the girls from the top deck of the Restoration

our blissful view for the afternoon

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