Monday, April 18, 2011

week 25

Today was our week 25 OB appointment and the anniversary of my mother-in-law's 29th birthday :) (Happy Birthday, Dana!!!). Little Man's heartbeat was 145- the lowest it's been so far. The nurse says that as long as it stays between 120 and 180 they are happy... something about reactivity and it being a good sign that it varies at each appointment. I got a yummy bottle of this weird sugary drink I get to enjoy before my 29 week appointment. Not looking forward to the 1 hour glucose test but it's par for the course. Only one more monthly appointment and then we're in the THIRD trimester and seeing the doctor every other week. How did this go by so quickly? August will be here before we know it. Tevie and I were talking about when we think he'll make his arrival. I think he'll come August 5. First, because that's three days after his due date and I figure he'll be his father's child and never in a hurry to do anything. Second, that's my sweet little brother's 15th birthday and I would love for them to share that special day. Tevie thinks he'll come right on time. Honestly, that is more like Tevie, he doesn't rush but he's never late either.

Heartburn/reflux have hit me full force in the last ten days. Nothing makes me feel better. So not an enjoyable experience. Hopefully that means this handsome little guy will be born with a head full of beautiful hair and not with a big ugly bald head like his momma and daddy were. :)

Here's the belly at week 25 before heading to church on Sunday. If I position my phone just right when I take the picture it hides the double chin I'm working on. :)

I was a bachelorette this weekend while my sweet hubby was away on a Walk to Emmaus. An amazing spiritual experience- you should check it out if you've never been. I hate being home alone, but God surrounded me with amazing encouragement and truth this weekend. Plus, I had a fluffy little companion keeping Tevie's side of the bed warm and occupied. She may not have missed daddy... she much prefers a pillow to her crate at night. 


Just Me said...

Your belly is so cute Allysa! I never had much heartburn when I was pregnant and Julia was born with a headful of jet black, curly hair. I've heard milk helps. Doesn't matter if he's bald, he will be one good looking kid!

The Sexton 4 said...

Ask your doctor about prescribing you something. I was cleared to take just about all the over the counter heartburn meds. I take protonics and it worked miracles. I had it awful with Luke and almost worse this time with Kate. I refused to just do the whole Tums thing this time... trust me and go for the meds! :)