Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Why is it that after you hit 21, birthdays don't really seem to be a big deal anymore? I used to think 30 was old... and the closer I creep to that number, the younger it feels! For the first time in my LIFE, I am wearing my winter coat on my birthday because the high on the spring day is something like 39. Yuck! Apparently the weatherman didn't get the memo about it being my birthday- let along SPRING.

Much too early, I know- but my diaper bag arrived in the mail last week! An early birthday gift from my sweet husband. This morning I woke up to a brand new pair of slippers. I must confess that my old pair have really seen better days. The fluff falls out when I walk from the holes in the toes. :) My sweet hubby knows the way to my heart.

I've been eyeballing this little beauty for a while but didn't want to shell out the $113 Babies R Us had it listed for. My patience paid off and I got an Eversave (similar to Groupon) email that allowed me to grab this little beauty for nearly 50% off! Tevie thinks it looks entirely too much like a purse for him to carry it. Mom says that when a man has a baby on his hip, nobody cares what the diaper bag looks like. :) Still, we've registered for a more man-friendly bag for my handsome hubby to cart around when he and the boy are out sans momma. 

I may have also changed my mind on the bedding after seeing this too cute set in Target last week. 
The blue camels will work really well with the wall color... and since we want him to grow up with a heart for international missions, the safari theme will help put him in an African state of mind. :)

This weekend Tevie and I are getting away to Nashville. Our first date in too long. We're attending the Weekend to Remember marriage conference. I'm sure there will be a future post about all of the good stuff we'll learn while we're there. 

Finally, this is what mommy's looking like this week.
 And with that big ol' bump comes a lack of balance. Yesterday I fell out of the Expedition. In an effort not to fall on my belly, my knees took the worst of it. And no, I wasn't even wearing heels! Tevie said it's time to pack them up though. If I can't maintain my balance in flat riding boots, my sweet summery peep toe pumps are not an option. :( Maybe this means a trip to the store for some cute flats? Hey, can't fault me for trying. :)


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Jamie said...

LOL! you are too funny Allysa! I laughed out loud at the clumsiness(that sounds mean but I don't mean it that way), because I am sure I experienced the same thing while I was pregnant. I don't think I wore any of my cute heels/wedge sandals for about 1.5 years since getting pregnant...even harder to manage when you have to carry the newborn around in the car seat!
I love the diaper bag and bedding-SO cute! And so are you and the baby bump!!