Thursday, March 10, 2011

nursery ideas

Who knew boy stuff was so cute! I'm overwhelmed with all of the choices of stuff! So, dear friends and family, please know that I know that our registries (yes, more than one) are full of anything we could ever possibly want. And here's why- after your due date, each store will send me a coupon for a minimum of 10% off everything remaining on my registry. So, I'm working the system and adding everything I could ever think we'd need so I can buy it with a coupon after Little Man's arrival. :) We're registered at Babies R Us, Target, and I have a registry at Wal-mart, only because it's the only store in our town of 3,500 and some people won't order online. 

Here's our ideas for Little Man's room so far:
I have a fetish for antique glass containers and purchase at least one every time I'm in an antique store. I love this idea.

Our Awesome friends, the Fox Family, are creating this little number for us. Not that Pottery Barn doesn't do a great job, but who doesn't love a handmade, heirloom piece?
The crib. I love these convertible ones that will last for years... makes you feel better about spending that kind of money. :)
More bookcases. I love to read, and because he'll have countless books read to him, I assume my little man will like to read too. 

And, if there are books, you need bookends! Aren't these cute?! I don't usually like stuff like this but I HAVE to have these cute little guys. Plus, they coordinate really well with the bedding.

Here's an example of the wall color and the curtains we'll have in there. 

Perhaps Tevie's favorite addition to the room: a la-z-boy recliner. For those early morning feedings and late night snuggles. Plus, it's so much more functional and attractive than those gliders every one puts in their nurseries. After a few years, this piece can easily be moved into the living room. 
Here's the color scheme of his bedding. We didn't do the whole set because I don't like things being overly matchy-matchy. 
And, saving the best for last (Jess, I knew you'd approve). Tevie's brother, Jess, is creating two paintings based on this one I found online. He's going to use our puppies and incorporate the colors of the room. I think this will tie everything together and add just a touch of whimsy and be such a special piece to have as our little guy grows. 

These two pictures have kind of been my inspiration. One is very modern and the other very traditional. I'm hoping we get a balance of both. Both are classic rooms that a little boy can grow up in, you won't be replacing bedding and accessories every few years. 
As long as we don't end up with a room that looks like a Disney World parade threw up in there, I'll be ok. ;)

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Jamie said...

So stinkin cute!! I super duper love the pacifiers in the glass jar. Also, if had to redo something in Makaylas would be to use a short dresser as the changing table! What a great idea!