Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring awakening

Lots going on in the Gooden Home this week. I think I may be in nesting mode already. Over the weekend I shampooed the carpets, painted Little Man's room and painted our front door. We've also purchased some new light fixtures for outside. That's Tevie's job this weekend. :) 

The paint in the nursery came out a little bluer than I hoped, but I think it will still work. 

I've wanted to paint our front door, but for some reason have just gotten around to it. Don't mind the empty flower pots and sad looking landscaping, as soon as we finish all of Kentucky's winters (according to the Farmer's Almanac there are 15) those pots will be filled with happy flowers.

Finally, in other big news. We bought a new car! Well, new to us anyway. I'm in love already and can't wait to be the coolest mom at the daycare pick-up line. :)

One last picture to make you smile. Three of our goofballs chasing leaves through the front yard on a beautiful spring day.

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