Sunday, October 2, 2011

a week in pictures

Dressed to impress and ready for our first plane ride last Friday!
I slept right through the security checkpoint and we sailed through (breastmilk and all!) like a champion!
 Aaaaand back to snoozing. :)
For some reason, US Airways takes the infant ticket when you board, so I snapped a picture of his first ever plane ticket.
I really was a good boy... here I was just waking up from the deep snooze I'd been in.
 We had the most wonderful time at mom and dad's. We did absolutely nothing but lay around in their beautiful new home. Here mom is getting ready to start waffles for breakfast.
 Dad and Dane snuggled on the couch while the rest of us played games at the kitchen table. (Dad is trying, unsuccessfully, to hide from the camera)
 Dane was much more alert on the flight home. Can you guess what he's staring at here? Yep, the reading lights.

 A fun-filled weekend, but oh, were we glad to be back home and back to our routine of snuggling with mommy in the morning after we kiss daddy could by and he heads to work.
 A belly full of milk makes for one sleepy boy.
 Wednesday Dane had his 2 month check-up. He's ready to face the day!
 Our big boy measured 24.5inches (98th percentile) and 10lbs 12oz (20th percentile). His head circumference is still in the 90th percentile. After this picture he got three shots and one oral vaccine. I did not take any pictures of his faces. It was heartbreaking. He screamed louder than I've ever heard. As soon as the nurse left I nursed him for a few minutes to help him calm down. When we got to the car he was cooing/moaning and talking to me.
 Shortly there after he was out!
 Later that night he was showing off how strong he was and bragging about his superhero bandaids. :)
 But oh, the day after shots. Yuck!! Poor sweet boy just wanted to be cuddled all day. So that's exactly what I did. He ran a fever off and on and was pretty much inconsolable. I'm not looking forward to the 4month shots...

 Thankfully, the next day we were feeling MUCH better and back to playing again!
 Saturday Tevie's parents came through town on their way to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a trip to the beach. We had a big greasy breakfast at Betty's OK Country Cooking (seriously, delicious!) and Papa T got in a snuggle before he left. :)
 We also puppy-sat for our neighbors and friends. Here Woody can't understand why he can't have any pie.
 And of course, no Saturday is complete without a three-hour nap.
 Couldn't you just eat those cheeks?!
 This big boy is already wearing his 3-6months outfits! This is a good thing because all of his 0-3 month stuff is very summery and it's turned cool here as of late.

 Long and skinny and totally kissable! Words can't express how much we love this sweet boy.

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