Monday, October 24, 2011

natural cesarean

I have often said that I don't apologize for having a scheduled c-section with Dane. However, I am all too aware that I missed out on some very special parts of delivering your first-born baby. I never saw my slimy, fresh-from-the-womb little boy. In fact, I didn't see him until he was rubbed clean and wrapped in a blanket, and I didn't get to hold him until he'd been bathed and spent some time in the nursery under observation.

I came across this incredible video today. If you are looking at a c-section as a possibility, I would recommend watching this. I sat and cried my eyes out! I will definitely search far and wide for a doctor who will perform a "natural cesarean" if/when there is a Baby Gooden #2-- even if it means traveling to the UK! Dane had some trouble with rapid breathing after birth and I believe that if we had been given the option of skin-to-skin he may have figured out his breathing a little faster. I am blessed that we had no trouble with breastfeeding even after being separated for four hours.

I do not doubt at all God's plan for Dane's birth. I don't feel as though we have a "weaker" bond because he didn't travel the birth canal, however I am so glad to see that doctors are trying to make even c-sections a more holistic experience.

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