Thursday, October 27, 2011


I tried and tried to come up with something creative to open this post. I cannot. I am sleep-deprived and thinking about too much. This is a pile of the random things swirling around in my head.
  • We have the greatest moms EVER! They have sacrificed their time in the last two weeks to be sure our boy receives the greatest care on the planet! They are owed a debt of gratitude so big I won’t ever be able to repay it.
  • Worst Mommy of the Year award goes to me for not buying my son a Halloween costume. I just have hard time buying something he’ll only wear once… so we’re repurposing an outfit he already has.
  • I can't believe my life as a working woman is almost over (for now). I’m so excited I can barely stand it really going to miss my colleagues, wearing cute, tailored suits and high heels and being part of this amazing team. I may have to get up and come by the office on Monday mornings just so I can stand around the coffee pot with everyone and catch up. :)
  • I love consigning! I've been going through my house looking for things I can sell. It’s so much easier, not to mention so much more profitable than having a yard sale, to consign. Here soon I think I'm going to take in some of my Coach bags I'm not carrying anymore. Email me if you want first dibs. :)
  • One of the first things on my mommy to-do list is to head to the library to get some books on Montessori learning. I've read a little and those principles seem to really align with what we want for Dane. I'm also looking for a cooking-for-baby cookbook. Since there isn’t one around here, maybe one of these days I’ll open a Montessori preschool… who knows. I have a lot of silly dreams.
  • I'm obsessed with etsy and looking at things that I can make to earn us some extra money, also the SAHM budget for Christmas presents is small and I'm looking for things I can make for our families. For Christmas, I'm going to do an arrangement of these tissue balls in our dining room using the abundance of tissue paper I have from all of my baby shower gifts.
  • It’s the little things in life that make me smile- like wearing pants with a single-digit size (Yeessssssss!), pumpkin spice coffee, visits from family, looking forward to Dane’s first holiday season, a clean house, mornings that are just me, my Bible and a hot cup of coffee… oh, and my breastpump. Ugh.
  • On that note: Any mother who pumps multiple times a day for months on end deserves a big, shiny metal or a brand-new pair of Christian Louboutins. I hate every, single second of it, however that precious little face fills my mind every time and I remember that’s why I'm suffering through it.  
  • I will not pay $500 for this precious table at The Land of Nod, however I will be scouring antique stores in the coming year for an old coffee table with cool lines that I can turn into an activity table for Dane's room. What will happen is I will write down some measurements of the ideal table and that post-it will sit in my wallet with the others (a favorite wine I bought and want to remember so I can buy again, the measurements for the windows in Dane's room, paint swatches, etc) for the next five years.
  • I am EXTREMELY grateful for the most beautiful child God ever made. He's so amazing. These two weeks at work have really helped to reinforce that we made the right decision in sacrificing for me to stay home with him.

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Laura Ashley said...

Congrats to you on one-digits "baby" is 2 and I'm still not there! :)

I would love to hear more about these purses. :)

I, too, love to consign. A big chunk of our Christmas budget comes from what we make consigning in the fall.

I'm sure you have already seen, but Pinterest has so many amazing, inexpensive gift ideas. I will definitely be making things this year for colleagues, babysitters, Sunday school teachers, etc...