Friday, September 23, 2011

there i go again...

crying! I seem to have one spell once a day week. This sweet little man is growing up and changing right before my very eyes.

This morning I was facebook-stalking my 15 year old brother. I found pictures of him at a pool party with some of his friends... and 15 year old girls in teeny bikinis! Yikes! In the pictures was a tall (taller than me!) young MAN with a strong jaw, growing thinner and leaner all the time. What I saw was the sweet face above. Dane favors his uncle Chase's baby pictures, especially when he makes a face that. How is Chase driving and hanging around girls who are entirely too developed for 15(!)... he should still be calling me "Eesa" and sitting on his bedroom floor lining up all his matchbox cars in a meticulous row. As I write, I'm listening to the clicking of a swing and the white noise of a sound machine. In no time I'll be listening to tonka trucks crashing down the hall... and then the sound of his car pulling into the driveway. Whoa. This morning I'm blaming all these tears on my post-partum hormones. He's two months, not 20, but some days it feels all the same.

After reminiscing about Chase's infancy, the director at Dane's daycare called. Isn't it a great that he's going to a daycare where the director calls you to see how he's doing and when he'll be joining them so she can clear her schedule for that morning and be there to greet us? I shouldn't cry over that... but I got off the phone and squeezed my tiny boy tight and cried big alligator tears all over his little head. I'm sick about the thought of him going to daycare. I've already put my makeup on and don't want to ruin my mascara... so that's all on that subject for today.

This afternoon we are flying out to see my family in North Carolina. I'm excited for Dane's first plane ride, I think he's going to do great. He's such a trooper, he happily goes along where ever we drag him. :)

In other news, one of Dane's furry siblings loves him, even if he is a little hungry for attention:

 No, those are not posed photos. Sweet Binx could really care less if Dane was here or not. All he knows is that there are now lots of soft blankets in the floor for him to lay on and mama gets down in the floor and talks to him and rubs his belly when she's playing with the hairless one. :)

Ahhh, the girl dog on the other hand...

She tolerates the child but doesn't understand why she can't lay ON TOP OF HIM in my lap, or why people give her a pat and then scoop up the baby. We've been really conscious about making sure Elphie kept as many of her old privileges as possible. We don't shove her off the couch and she still snuggles in the bed with us before we go to sleep (she and Binx sleep in a crate). Inevitably though, Dane has stolen some of her thunder and she wants us to know she's aware of it... so she pees and poops on the rug in his room. Ugh. What do you do with that? It's only been two months, I'm hoping she'll adjust... eventually.

Thank you for listening to my post-partum nonsense. Your reward is more adorable photos of the prettiest baby God ever made.. okay, so I'm a tiny bit biased. :)
this week we had a lunch-date with daddy and stopped by to visit him in his office.

always a furrow in that brow as he analyzes everything

already helping mommy in the kitchen!

"Mama says this thing in my mouth is a tongue... I'm still not sure what to do with it though."

biiiiig stretch during my morning playtime in the floor

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