Saturday, September 17, 2011

8 weeks

I have an 8 week old... I'm not totally sure how I feel about that just yet. On one hand, he's more and more fun each day... on the other hand, he's changing so much and growing so fast my post-partum emotions can't quite handle it!

I really should do a better job of carrying a good camera. I always have my blackberry in my pocket so that's what I end up using to catch his million and one expressions. It's also good for checking time and keeping myself occupied by reading my Bible app and looking at facebook while I'm nursing.

To my sweet boy:
You're eight weeks old and can already do so many things! You've just found your fingers and thumb and love to suck on them. Those pesky things won't stay in your mouth though so you still prefer a paci because it (usually) stays put.

You enjoy spending a little time on your tummy each day and love to kick and stare at the toys on your playmat, though your favorite things to look at are the painting above the couch and ceiling fans.

You smile great, big smiles back at mommy and daddy when we're talking to you and it melts both of us into a puddle.

Thank the Lord above, you will put yourself to sleep if we lay you down in your bassinet when you're drowsy. Though, truth be told, daddy loves when you fall asleep on his chest and mommy does too. :)

I had to put away your newborn clothes and your 0-3month outfits are getting a little too short. You've worn 3-6month stuff the last couple of days and mommy is washing up the rest of it so you'll have more warm clothes to wear since fall decided to join us early this year.

You made your first roadtrip last week to see Papa J and Granna in North Carolina and next week you'll go on your first airplane ride!

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much, sweet boy, to the moon and back, in fact. It's a privilege to watch you grow and change every day.. but if you wanted to slow down a bit that would be okay too!

And for the rest of you, here's a collection of cell photos from Dane's 8th week. Cutest kid ever? Why, yes, I agree. :)

mommy's little running coach

love that milk drunk smile!

uh oh! i found my thumb!

trying to decide if i should wake up

snuggled into my swing...fighting sleep, of course.

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