Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

We had a busy Labor Day weekend that started out on Thursday when Tevie's mom, Dane's Momma D, came to hang out for the day. Here she and Dane are enjoying a delicious dinner and outstanding dessert at Cafe on the Square.

I decided the weekend needed to start with a bigger bang than just dinner out...

Why, yes, that is the back hatch on my Expedition missing one GIANT piece of glass... I spent the day loading the car and running errands so we could leave for my parents' house as soon as Tevie got home from work. Tevie was putting his shoes on as I loaded the dogs in their crate. Not wanting them to overheat since it was melt-your-face-off hot (seriously, 100 degrees was the high Friday), I decided to back the truck out of the garage so I could turn it on and not fill the garage with carbon monoxide. Great plan, Allysa, except that you should CLOSE THE HATCH before you do that, blondie! Ugh. Thankfully, there was no other damage to the truck and minimal damage to the garage. We dropped the truck off at the Ford dealer and got another vehicle to drive to North Carolina.

Praise Jesus we were safe and sound even if we were late getting to mom and dad's, who, unfortunately, did not get the keys to the house this weekend. We were able to hang out in the only finished room in the house- the theater room. Sweeter than sweet! We lounged around watching college football on the 65in plasma stretched out in oversized armchairs. Dane loved hanging with his Pop and Granna and celebrating his Auntie Brynn's 22nd Birthday.

I did not get a picture of the awesomeness that is the theater room or the other amazing rooms in mom and dad's beautiful home but mom sent me one of the kitchen today. I can't WAIT to cook in this beauty!

Dane was a superstar traveler. Thank you, Lord, for a child who enjoys sitting in his carseat. This is what I had the pleasure of looking at for 400 miles.

Cutest baby ever, I know. A cold front has moved in and today we're freezing because it's rainy and the high is only 65 or something ridiculous. Where was that temperature when I was sweeping of a million little pieces of glass out of the driveway on Friday?!

I'll just brag on my husband and say that he handled the whole thing so much better than I thought he would. He held me while I cried and kept his cool. When I sat down in the floor to cry some more he told me to get up, quit crying and help him clean it up. :) Since satan wasn't able to steal our joy that way, he decided to shut off the water to our house this morning. Apparently the pressure regulator went out. It didn't get our little family down though. Thankfully Tevie has the kind of job where he can work from home when necessary so he pulled out his laptop and did what he needed to do while we waited on the water company to show up. We had a great morning snuggled in bed together on this chilly, rainy day. Dane was wide awake and talking to us this morning, he even caught up on his news reading KSR (KentuckySportsRadio.com, for those of you fortunate enough to not know anything about that sillyness) with daddy. Oh No! What am I in for? Listening to Tevie talk about Matt Jones like they're BFFs is one thing... I can't handle two of them in my house! :)

This kid loves anything that glows- lights, TVs, even laptop screens, he will stare at them for ages. He is so much fun right now. Cooing at you and smiling soooo big! He's "sleeping through the night", any where from 6 to 8 hours. Thank you, sweet boy! Mama was worn out! The first few weeks were sooooo hard because he was nursing just about every 90 minutes ALL day and ALL night. We are now getting a couple of hours between feedings. He nurses a few times close together at night and then he snuggles into his bassinet and sleeps the night away. Last night he even put himself to sleep!!! He probably would have be out quicker than he was except that that darn paci won't stay in his mouth! How do you fix that problem, moms? We have decided we are never having another child. This one is SO perfect, I'm afraid we'd be in for it with the next one! ha! :)

We loved every minute of our weekend and are looking forward to seeing Pop and Granna again very soon as they are coming in this weekend to help me out while Tevie is away for the weekend.

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