Wednesday, June 15, 2011

puji bear

Nearly four years ago, we lost this precious boy when he was hit by a car. 

One moment we're moving things into our new home... and the next I'm watching my strong, masculine, seldom-emotive husband lay in a puddle of tears on the ground as he holds our sweet boy. I wouldn't wish the heartache, pain and long healing process on even my worst enemy. 

Last week, my little sister felt the same heartache, fear and panic. We don't know how it happened, and it doesn't matter, all we know is that this world is now short one precious, loving, scared-of-his-own-shadow, Scooby Doo of a dog. As a big sister, I want to be able to relate with my siblings and know what they're going through. This was one time that I hated knowing exactly how Brynnie was feeling... and hated even more that I was seven hours away and couldn't hold her as she cried. 

Puji, named in honor of Albert Pujols :), is one happy boy today. He's laying at the feet of our amazing Papa, the patron saint of stray animals, and eagerly waiting for his family to join him. We love you, Puji Bear. Thanks for making life fuller, for your crazy antics and cuddly spirit. 
snuggled on the couch with mom as a tiny pup
taking a break in dad's lap
Puji, Brynn, Ryan and Axel in Brynn and Ryan's engagement photos

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