Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby Dane

Here are some precious pics (okay, we're a little biased) of Baby Dane at our appointment yesterday. He is about 5lbs 1oz, which is the 80th percentile for weight. If he gains the half pound all the books say babies gain in the last bit, he'll be at least 8.5lbs when he arrives! His head is in the 95th percentile! Oh boy! Hopefully that means high test scores in a few years! :)

We're interested in hearing who you think he looks like. And we're starting to take bets on his arrival time, date and weight. First bet is from my mom who is guessing July 29th and a weight of over 9lbs... for my sake, I hope she's wrong about the weight!

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jennyb said...

I definitely think he has characteristics of both of you. And he is absolutely beautiful!