Thursday, June 23, 2011

34 weeks

We're halfway through week 34. I've been warned that this stretch feels the longest, and so far I believe it! This morning our Great God fulfilled another amazing promise as Kate Elisabeth Sexton made her entrance in this great big world! You may know her momma from here. I can't wait to snuggle that precious girl. 

Since Kate's due date was July 2- exactly a month before ours (Aug 2) I have been beyond excited all day realizing that in just a month we could be welcoming our little guy! This morning we had our 34 week appointment and all was great. His little heart rate is a strong 153. He measured large at the last ultrasound- 80th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for head circumference, so the doctor ordered another ultrasound at 36 weeks to check for growth. We also pre-registered at the hospital and took a quick tour of labor and delivery and the nursery.

This weekend I'm steam cleaning carpets, we may get to finish up work on our back deck (thanks to my very helpful in-laws!), and I think it may be a good idea to buckle that carseat in and pack our bags... just in case. :)

Here's the 34 week belly. My mom said I've moved from baby bump to baby mountain. :)

This hurrry up and wait part is going to be difficult. I haven't been able to shake this anxious feeling. We're nearing our fiscal year end at work which means lots to do to meet goals and deadlines, couple that with wondering every day if these are just Braxton Hicks contractions or the real thing and you have a momma who doesn't sleep well anymore. We're so excited to snuggle our little boy. 

I would have never believed it until I saw it myself, but I'm definitely convinced that men have some weird instincts that kick in when they are about to become fathers. Tevie has taken on every project with excitement and a determination that I've never seen in him before. He eagerly rips out boxes and assembles baby items and every night he sits in Dane's room... just because he likes being in there surrounded by his stuff. Doesn't that melt your heart? It does mine... I tear up just thinking about it! He also has some crazy dreams about rescuing/protecting- everything from saving baby kittens from sharks to protecting his boyhood home from that big termite from the Terminix commericals! The counseling major in me sees all sorts of psychology in those dreams. Our weekly baby update e-newsletter says that baby can hear and will recognize simple songs, so Tevie has taken that has his permission to sing silly and loud. :) Which really isn't all that different from how he normally sings, now he just aims his songs and baby talk at my belly. 

Dane's room is just missing a few things- namely a mattress and bedding, but we'll get to that. The amazing paintings from his Uncle Jess need to be framed, curtains bought and hung, and his new stash of gDiapers washed and prepped.

Hoping the next 40 days pass quickly!


samarah said...

so excited for you guys to meet your little babe! :)

much love♥

jennyb said...

This post just makes me incredibly excited for you. :) I cannot wait to meet Baby Dane and soak in all the amazing little things about him! I continue to pray for you all daily. Love you!