Friday, June 10, 2011

my best friend

Five years ago today, two 20-year-old kids said "I do". 
What we thinking getting married at 20 only the Lord knows... but I wouldn't trade those early years together for anything in the entire world. As young married college kids, we had NO money... and I mean none. We never carried cash because we needed to keep every cent we could in our checking account to keep from overdrafting. Our idea of "date night" was to scrounge up all the change we could and get dollar sundaes from McDonald's- if we had enough, maybe a Redbox movie. We'd bring our sundaes home and play "Phase 10" on the couch while we watched TV. It was during those times, when God provided for us in ways I can't explain, when there was no money to be found, as he had to suffer through me learning how to cook... it was through those times I fell in love with my best friend. I praise God He was a part of those times because we couldn't have made it without Him. 

Now, five years later I am astounded by the fact that we own our home, just bought a new car, we've graduated from college, tried our hands at grad school, we've vacationed in NYC, Chicago, Orlando, skied in Colorado... and in a few short weeks we'll welcome our first baby into the world. And do you know, even with all that "stuff", what my favorite thing in the world still is? A Friday night on the couch, in an old Barren County football t-shirt, $1 hot fudge sundae in hand and mean game of cards on the table- just me and him. 

Happy Anniversary to my partner in life, marriage and ministry. I love you, Tevie Scott. Hope the next five as a great as these were- they have some big shoes to fill! :)

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