Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like...

we're having a baby! I guess because we are having a baby. Daily we are assembling, washing and organizing more baby gear. Dane's room is now just short his bedding and the curtains. 

Those precious paintings were done by Dane's amazing Uncle Jess. They'll be framed in cherry frames and hang there above the changing table.
Tevie wanted to be sure he got every corner of the room. Notice me trying to stay out of the picture. :) Elphie is every picture, she loves Dane's room and rolling around on his big, cozy rug. 

Thanks to my amazing aunts and uncles and Gramma Chuck for the travel system! Which, btw, is Consumer Reports best safety rated for infant seats.
Thanks to the Prathers for our super-cool swing :)
I'm not worried about being uncomfortable during those late night feedings. The rocker/recliner has now been sleep-tested by Papa J and Elphie. :)
I found some random article on the internet the other day that said a woman's pregnancy is usually the length of nine menstrual cycles- the average is 280 days, but for some women, based on the length of your cycle, it could be shorter. For me, it would be 261 days... which means he could arrive as early as July 14- that's ONE MONTH AWAY!!! Of course, I began googling this concept and could not find a SINGLE other credible source, so I shouldn't put much stock in it. However, I would be 37weeks which is considered full-term, so he could make his appearance around then. 

There are soooooo many decisions to make when it comes to having children. The first one is WHEN to have them. Then you spend the next few months researching healthy eating, ways to boost fertility, etc. Once you're pregnant, you research what foods to avoid, stalk Consumer Reports for items with the best safety ratings and write a birth plan and find a pediatrician. Now that we have a few weeks before he arrives, I'm overwhelmed with all of the choices we have to make for him- immunizations, circumcision, day care, toys, paci or no paci, TV or no TV. While some of these we decided on a while ago, the shear weight of knowing I am responsible for the moral, ethical and psychological development of this precious little person is a lot to carry. 

In pregnancy-hormone-induced tears I looked at Tevie and said, "What if we screw him up?" To which my dear, loving husband said with a smile, "We will screw him up..." Thanks, dear. My sweet neighbor and friend made my day by giving me a little article about raising boys. The main idea was being a modest mom to model modesty for your son and to protect his purity, but one line in particular hit home with me because of the thoughts that have been racing through my mind daily. Whatever he sees me do, I send "the message that it's the norm for Christians, too." 

And, with that, God again removed the stronghold satan continues to try to heap on me and (as of this moment!) I am no longer afraid of making the wrong decision when it comes to raising my son. My chief goal is to raise him to love God, love the least of these, and to live radically according to God's word. Whatever I do, I send the message that it's the norm for Christians too. Am I going to screw up? Yes. Am I going to screw him up? Probably. What I pray for is that Dane sees a momma who prayerfully considers all options and decisions, a momma who tearfully and humbly admits when she's made a mistake... and a momma who always had God's glory and my son's best interest at heart. 

And that load is a little easier to carry.

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