Sunday, August 12, 2012

a fond farewell

Tonight as I enjoy the unseasonable 70degree weather by the firepit on our back deck, I'm thinking a little clearer than I was this same time last night. Yesterday we said goodbye to my sweet Binx. A day I knew was coming, I just hoped it didn't have to be so soon. After years of prescription food and medicines his little body couldn't be comforted anymore. He spent his final days crying out in pain and pacing the house seeking comfort.

Our vet gave him a shot and allowed us to bring him home so he could spend his final hours where he felt safest. With the most peace I have seen from him in months he curled up on his favorite pillow and went to sleep. It was a sad day filled with tears and lots of grieving, but it truly happened in a manner that seemed fitting for our fluffy boy. 

The Lord gave us special comfort and even orchestrated that Dane would be down for his morning nap so Tevie and I could be alone with Binx as we said goodbye. In his final moments he was snuggled up with his people at home, and I think he felt safe. 

Binx, I hope you've found Louie, Puji, George, Oreo, Bandit and the other pups our family has grieved over the years. I KNOW you've found Checkers, Crue, Boots and Ollie because if ever there were a dog who loved to chase a cat, it was you, my dear. I hope puppy heaven is filled with peanut butter treats, long walks without a leash and, of course, is a Cone Free Zone! I miss you so much. Our home is quiet and my heart a little empty tonight. You're buried beneath the willows so I don't have to look far to think of you. I love you, Bingo Cardingo. 

Be a good boy, Binxie Bear. 
Mommy and Daddy

spoiled babies
playing with Baby Dane

eating food out of Mommy's purse

enjoying a swim in the creek

"Mommy can't leave me here if I'm in her suitcase!"

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