Wednesday, August 29, 2012

trouble with a capital T

Now that this child can walk I can't turn my back for ONE SECOND without finding my little tornado ripping through something. If he weren't do darn cute it might be kind of annoying. :)

After months of playing in the spice rack he's finally figured out how to open the spices. His first attempt at sous chef was an effort to add chili powder to everything in the kitchen. Thankfully he didn't rub any in his eyes, though he did do a good job of rubbing it in everywhere else-- his bath was tinged red!

This stage is so exciting-- and tiring! But it's so fun to see him learning something new every day and becoming more and more independent... And,ok, maybe a little ornery too!

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jennyb said...

Your little bundle of joy is growing SO much! He's too precious!