Sunday, June 17, 2012


Dane, Did you know we live with a superhero? 

He works hard six days a week, but uses his super powers to make enough energy to play with you in the floor, take walks around the neighborhood and follow you while you explore the world on your wobbly legs. 

He knows every sports stat that has ever been recorded and keeps all of them stored in his brain for quick recall. You definitely want him on your team for Sports Scene-It and you'll have the best math tutor when you need one. 

He can even read minds! He knows what I'm going to say and finishes my sentences and he also knows me so well he can sense when I'm about to get into trouble. Like the other day when I almost cut my finger on the food processor again.

He drives us everywhere safely and he manages our budget like a Fortune 500 CFO. 

He takes us to church, prays for us and leads our family to make decisions that bring God the most glory. 

Yep, not only is our daddy the greatest daddy in the history of the universe, I'm pretty sure he's a superhero too!

Happy First Father's Day, Dada! We love You! 
Mommy and Dane

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