Tuesday, June 26, 2012


What do you say when you don't know where to start? This has been the most insane ten days. An emotional roller coaster if ever there was one. 

This house thing, man. Is the Lord ever encouraging us to lean on Him, to be obedient and to listen. It's been exciting, it's gotten ugly and it's been a pain in the butt, BUT He keeps nudging us along and giving us just enough lamplight so we don't trip and fall flat on our faces. 

The ram in the bushes I mentioned a few days ago? Well, it's really making a lot of noise now! God has again provided for us in a way that just doesn't make sense. He continues to show us that He's carrying us. He is so good

In my quiet time this morning I studied from Beth Moore's Esther. She writes this on Week 8, Day 4: "If we could only see what is happening around us in the unseen realm, our eyes would nearly pop out of socket." I LOVE that because it's how I feel. We are in the period of waiting on the Lord to see how He is going to work. It feels stressful and tense sometimes down here. We don't how things could possibly fit together and work out and THEN they DO! If we could only see how He's orchestrating things together up there. Angels running around like heavenly party planners setting everything just so. I hope there's one control-freak angel up there bossing the others around. :) I wonder what kind of pride Christ feels as He draws back the curtain and reveals to us an event or instance that is too perfectly timed, too detailed, to be a coincidence. I pray His heart is full of joy as we respond with praise and adoration-- and maybe even astonishment-- becau He's just.so.good. 


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