Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Good Shepherd

My Aunt Lesli was visiting the day I was baptized. She took me to the local Christian bookstore and bought me a WWJD? bracelet and we spent lots of time talking about what repentance meant and what it was going to look like in my life. She made me flashcards with Bible facts and scripture on them and we would read them over and over. Once, on a trip to visit her she told me the story of Esther in a way that sounded so cool, I was SURE it wasn't in the Bible. After all, nothing that cool came from the old testament. :) She became my spiritual mentor, maybe without even knowing it.

In the past few years she has battled breast cancer with a grace and peace that only someone who is intimately acquainted with our Savior can. While spending time at her home in April, I noticed her love of sheep. She explained how she loves illustration of Christ as our shepherd and explained the uncanny similarities between humans and sheep. 

Other than Jesus totally looking like a white guy (which he was not, but that's another post), I love the above illustration of the Shepherd. I love that He's carrying a black sheep, because I definitely feel like a black sheep most of the time. I also love that it appears to be storming, dark clouds surround them and it might even be nighttime. As the most scared of all the sheep, that comforts me. When the thunder is loud and I am afraid, He comforts me. Better yet, when I wander from the flock rather than just calling for me to come back, He goes looking for me and carries me back to the fold. 

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