Tuesday, May 1, 2012


At first glance that title kinda looks like perspiration. HA!

Have you been bitten by the pinterest bug? It got me good, as people around my neck of the woods would say.

I will readily admit to wasting A LOT of time scrolling through endless pins, I have put some of what I've seen on there into practice. I've added a few recipes to my cooking repertoire. In fact, I didn't realize how many things I've made until I started putting this post together! Here are a few that we've loved so far. 

This copycat recipe for Zax's sauce was pretty spot on. I've made it a couple times and I think it's better after it's been in the fridge for a day or so.

Speaking of sauces, this ranch dressing recipe is amazing. There's some in my fridge right now. I love greek yogurt and keep it in the fridge pretty much all the time. Fun fact: did you know the plain kind can treat diaper rash? I have a natural/green living post coming soon. :)

I've tried this recipe with pork and chicken. I even made it for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and they seemed to enjoy it too. :) We eat a lot of chicken so anything to liven it up is good. I didn't make the honey garlic sauce the recipe calls for. In fact, I served it with the homemade Zax sauce instead. Very yummy.

My mouth just watered looking at this picture. I made a pan of these breakfast bars and ate them in one day. No, I'm not kidding. Peanut butter and banana does me in. :)

This pasta dish sounded so good. When it came time to make it I didn't have many of the ingredients so mine consisted of avocado, olive oil, salt and pepper and grated parmesan. It was good. Even my hubby who doesn't like avocado ate it up. I think I will keep this in the side dish rotation. Avocados have great nutritional value and I seem to always buy more than we can eat and look for something to do with them before they go bad.

 This has become my go-to morning breakfast. Four ingredients. In the blender. Done. Easy for the mama of nearly-mobile almost-ten month old. I always add ice or some water to thin it out because it is THICK. Extra milk might work too. I like to use ice because it gives it a good texture and chills it. Again with the banana and peanut butter...
If you'd like to see the other yummy things we're eating, check out my pins here.

Now, I'm off to get a snack. :)

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