Thursday, May 3, 2012

future investigator

I love watching Dane learn, and right now it seems like he learns something new every day. I think we have an engineer or architect on our hands. He loves seeing how things work and figuring out what goes where. I could watch him play for hours... and sometimes do. :) 

In the yard, he is fascinated by the grass-- the texture between his toes and how it feels in his hands.

 Apparently, it's even a good snack!

 Elphie plays with us too. She loves to bathe in the sunshine. She's also a good little shepherd, keeping her back to us and watching for trouble.

 Investigating again, this time the rug in his bedroom.

 We are working on tooth #3, and I assume #4 as well but it hasn't popped through yet.
 That's a teething face. I don't know why he holds his mouth like that-- maybe it feels better.
 Jabbering while he plays alone.

 Take that, tooth!
 I can alllllllmost reach....
 wait a minute...
 Never mind, this one's closer. :)

 Do all boys love balls? It must be in their genes.
 This child knows when the camera's out... such a ham. :)

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