Monday, May 7, 2012

Cards Fan

Around here we have to clarify that we are St. Louis Cards fans NOT Louisville Cards fans! :)

For Dane's first birthday we are headed to STL to watch the Cards take on the LA Dodgers. Dane's great-papa, the man he is named for and shares a birthday with, was the world's biggest Dodgers fan from way back in their Brooklyn days. It seemed fitting that they'd be playing the Cards on such a special day. 

We're doing a baseball-themed party that is going to be so much fun! I've gone pinterest-crazy pinning all sorts of recipes, ideas and decor. A friend is making us a supercool invitation and we wanted to be sure to include a photo of the birthday boy dressed in his STL best. :)

Not wanting to wear the hat!

 OH, those teeth. He's one drooly baby lately.
 more interested in the hat than having his picture taken...
 ...probably because he was a little sleepy.
Finally! A winner!

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