Monday, July 23, 2012

letter to my one year old

Perry Dane--

I don't even know to where to begin. How on earth are you already a year old?
It doesn't seem like a year has past since your daddy and I got up early on the morning you born to getting ready to go the hospital. I can still remember how anxious and excited I was to meet you. I remember feeling your soft skin, counting your sweet fingers and toes, staring into your perfect eyes and being completely overwhelmed by the love I felt for the tiny 8lb 10.5oz human in my arms. Last night as I nursed you to sleep in our hotel room in St. Louis I prayed a prayer of thankfulness for this wonderful year... and, ok, I cried a little because it was the last time I would nurse my baby, because today you officially become a toddler!

This year, you were the ring bearer in your Auntie Brynn's wedding, you've been to Charleston, SC; Phoenix, AZ; San Antonio, TX; Jupiter, FL; Charlotte, NC; St. Louis, MO; and a few other places. You took your first plane ride(s), you swam in the ocean, you played with your great-great-grandmother, you had your first bleeding boo-boo and you've filled our hearts with more than love than we can possibly ever express to you. 

On your first birthday you are able to crawl, cruise around the furniture, feed yourself pretty well, drink from a sippy cup, and jabber everything but "mama" (turkey!). You sleep in your own bed at night, but sometimes wake up for middle-of-the-night snuggle and occassionally end up in our bed before the sun rises. You have FOUR teeth and #5 just broke through! You aren't walking yet but we still believe it will be ANY day! Uncle Jess and Aunt Meagan sure hope it's before their wedding in September so you can carry the rings down the aisle!

Today we will celebrate your birthday at your first St. Louis Cardinals game. They are playing the Dodgers-- your Papa Perry's favorite team. And since you share his name and birthday, it was only fitting that you see his favorite team play your favorite team on such a special day.

You are the most exhausting thing we've ever done, kid. We worry about you and the decisions we make for your life. We also pray over you like you can't imagine. In fact, your mama has been known to fall on her knees beside your bed and pray for God's protection over you as you sleep and for His anointing over your whole life. Your name means "traveling church official" and we pray you use that charming personality and heart-warming smile to bring God glory and have mega Kingdom impact. 

Saying we love you to the moon and back just isn't far enough. We pray you never doubt the depth of our love for you. 

Happy, Happy FIRST Birthday, Daner. We love you!
Mama and Daddy

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