Monday, July 9, 2012

beach bums

We just returned from four great days in Tequesta/Jupiter, Florida. We soaked up lots of sun and enjoyed tons of yummy seafood and ice cream. We even got to visit with my uncle and aunt and their two precious babies. I'm kicking myself for not getting any photos of that! 

Dane loved the sand-- well, he loved eating the sand. :) We ended up spending a lot of time in the pool because that was a little more his speed. Dane's Pappy and Gran loved and him and mommy and daddy got to spend some time working on their tans-- which was very much appreciated! 

We decided to drive through the night so Dane could sleep. He ended up sleeping in my arms most of the way-- but he WAS asleep and that made the entire drive seem to go smoothly. He woke up during a midnight gas stop and refused to go back to sleep. So we strapped him in his carseat to watch Monsters, Inc. Uncle Jess, who was driving at the time, said that he stared at the movie for nearly an hour before giving in to sleep! 

We meet Gran and Pappy, who had flown down to the condo a few days before, for breakfast before hitting the beach. He was rested and ready to play!

loving it!

hang on to me, daddy!

beach time with pappy

i did not account for the extreme humidity to fog up my camera lense!

Gran spent a lot of time floating on the waves.

our beautiful view

Auntie Meagan's last trip before officially becoming a Gooden!

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