Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby in a Week!

Today our doctor scheduled my c-section for July 23rd. We'll have one more visit to check for dilation/effacement but he said not to get our hopes up. Of course, I serve a God who is able to do abundantly more than all we ask or imagine- and I know if anyone can make a cervix dilate it's The One who created it! :) So, we hope you will join us in prayer for that this week. I do know that God is completely in control and His plan for Dane's birth is so much better than any that I could create. Does that mean I don't work myself into a tizzy? No. Hello! I am a control-freak! In fact, even my doctor laughed at me today because I'd already called his nurse to check his schedule for next week. I knew if he was on call next weekend he could do the section on Saturday. He probably thinks I'm crazy... oh well. :)

July 23rd was my Papa's birthday. He would have been 93 this year. Dane's first name, Perry, is in honor of him. My grandfather was an exceptional man. He loved his wife, his family, every animal that ever walked the planet, and most of all, he loved Jesus. I hope that sharing his name and birthday gives Dane just an ounce of his character and gentle spirit. While a section is not my ideal way to birth my baby, I am glad to know that all of our family will be able to be there with us and share in this special day. I have been stressed since my parents drove off for Arizona ten days ago that my mom would miss Dane's birth. Even though she won't be in the room with us during surgery, she won't miss the specialness of the day. And if he does decide to come early, they left Arizona this morning so I know they'll be back in time to see the big debut!

It's beyond exciting (and a little nerve-wracking!) to know that our sweet boy will be here in ONE WEEK! His room is now completely finished. I've spent the last few days working on all the little finishing touches.
I found this cute lion cookie jar at a little junk shop in town. I thought he was so precious and would make a great place to throw all those random little items that pile up. I painted him orange and he's perched atop the changing table. I think he adds a fun, whimsy touch along with the puppy paintings.
Speaking of puppies, Elphie loves to model in front of hers. I can't believe how well Jess captured her facial expressions! Love her heart. Does she even KNOW what's about to hit her house next week?
I looked far and wide for curtains and found some I like. I am obviously not a photographer and should work with better equipment than a Blackberry camera, but these at least give an idea. The burlap panel with the leather chair makes the room feel a little more rugged, I think. Great for a boy's room. The banner on the toy basket was made by a friend for one of our showers. It was so fun and cute I had to find a place to display it. Tevie loves to sit in Dane's room... we both do, actually. It's a calming, nearly surreal place. It's still hard to believe we're having a baby!
The lamp cost me $1.67 at Goodwill plus the cost of a can of orange spray paint! Each little bookcase if filled with books and special toys. The curtain panel behind one of the bookcases matches his bedding and adds just enough pattern that I don't feel overwhelmed by circus animals. I learned last weekend that Tevie's room was done in jungle animals too. His mom gave us two of the stuffed animals she kept on his shelf. I love that Dane has some special toys that were once his daddy's. 

Finally, this mommy is ready to have this little boy! :) Tevie and I talked this morning about how blessed we've been to have a pregnany free from complications. Sure, my feet are swollen and my heartburn is yucky and no, I haven't slept in about a week, but I'm textbook normal (ha! how many times do I get to say that about myself?!) as far as pregnany symptoms go. 

Mom and I spent the afternoon together while she was in town and got pedicures, I had my hair highlighted yesterday, our bags are packed and in the car, carseat is installed- I think we are ready for this boy! It's exciting- and really hard to believe that it's nearly over! When you're pregnant you feel like you're going to be pregnant forever. I wonder if people will still offer to carry my groceries, let me cut in line in the restroom, and just be generally nice- hopefully as long as I'm toting my chubby little baby they will! :)
The real reward is holding my sweet, perfectly healthy baby boy in one week, but this momma is also eager to have a glass of wine, go out for sushi, wear shoes because they're cute not because they're all that fits, sleep on my belly and go for a run! Of course, with a c-section it may take some time for some of those things on my wish list, but, ahhhh, it won't be long! :) 

One more week, Dane! Unless you want to come a little early, which wouldn't bother us one bit!


Kayleigh Evans said...

This made me laugh, smile and almost shed a tear. I still cant believe that you are going to be a mother in 1 week. His room looks adorable and I can't wait to see him in it and of course, a million pictures of him! Love you!

Misty Hafley said...

Allysa, this is simply adorable. The room is precious, and I LOVE how all of the little sentiments are sprinkled in just the right places! You and Tevie are going to be outstanding parents. I cannot wait for you all to experience this! Thanks for sharing.