Tuesday, July 5, 2011

35 weeks

Today is actually the beginning of week 36, but I'm behind with week 35 stuff, so I figured I better post that first. Friday is our 36week appointment so I'll have another ultrasound picture and updates on our little man... and hopefully some idea of when to expect him! 

We had a wonderful baby shower last week thrown by some special ladies I work with. I was worried about the little guy not having enough tiny clothes, but this shower helped complete his little stash and get us prepared. I spent the weekend washing loads of tiny laundry. Why is it so much more fun to wash little clothes than it is to wash my own? :) My parents were in town too and we were able to enjoy some great quality time together before Dane's arrival. We spent the day in Lexington buying those last few needed items off our registry and mom and I enjoyed an afternoon pedicure. Much needed for these tired feet which pretty much stay swollen now. 

The Lord knew Tevie and I were not in the mood to finish the big landscaping project we started a few weeks ago so he sent thunderstorms on July 4th. We gladly curled up inside together and played board games, watched Netflix and just enjoyed what very well could be our last day at home "just the two of us". The next few weeks are full of doctors appointments, weddings and other things so it was nice to just spend a day together.
The one thing I haven't been able to find in store is his crib skirt. Once we have it I'll feel like his bed is complete. Fellow overprotective moms, fear not! While his bumper and blanket are adorable, I don't foresee them staying in the crib once he starts sleeping in there. I know the likelihood of him smothering is slim...I'll sleep better if there's nothing soft and fluffy for him to get caught against.
Toys and books and baskets of blankets. Tevie helped pick out this curtain. I love that it adds a different texture and helps darken his room which will help during those afternoon naps.

Another little bookcase filled with special toys that can't wait to be played with!

Dresser/changing table stocked with the cutest clothes and cloth diapers you've ever seen. Just need to frame and hang his puppy paintings.
A late afternoon view from the door. Can't wait to poke my head in to check on my sweet sleeping boy.

We've purchased everything you could possibly need for a baby but I still feel so unprepared. How do I know what he's going to like or if I have enough blankets, outfits or  burp cloths? We'll learn as we go, I know. I don't think I've ever been more excited and scared for anything in my entire life. I can't wait to hold my little guy, read him stories and give him baths in his tiny little tub. I have a feeling that once you see those ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, all of the swollen feet, heartburn, aching back and sleepless nights will be worthwhile.


Erin said...

It's so close! I didn't realize that you're already 36 weeks! I know that this is all unsolicited advice from someone who's been a Mom for a whopping 3 weeks, but don't get discouraged by what your doctor says about your progress at these weekly appointments. They don't know when your little guy will come, even if they think they do! :) As you well know, the only one who knows when he'll get here is God, and we just have to be patient until then...which is SO HARD to do! :) And just one more interesting fact...first time babies are, on average, one week and one day late. That's EXACTLY when Miss Campbell decided to arrive!

jennyb said...

You are beautiful, as always, and completely glowing! I am so excited for this venture in your life, Allysa. For you & Tevie, both! I continue to pray for little Dane and for you as first time parents. He'll be here before we all know it, and I cannot wait to snuggle him! :)