Sunday, February 20, 2011

week 17

Hello, week 17! This week I'm finally  loving being pregnant. I'm feeling little flutters and brushing my teeth without getting nauseous! Huge progress. :)
Saturday night we went to see "Mamma Mia!" in Louisville with an alumni group from LWC. Little Man apparently loves the music of Abba. It was during the show that I felt movement that had to be from his dancing. I still haven't had a bonafide, "you now have my attention" kick, but he's definitely movin' and shakin'. 

Here's a picture update of week 17. I wish you didn't have to give up maternity jeans after having the baby. I am in love with elastic waistbands. :) Excuse the Sunday-afternoon messy hair and lack of make-up... and that double chin?! Where did THAT come from? 


jennyb said...

Allysa, you are beautiful as always. And you make an absolutely adorable pregnant woman!

The Sexton 3 said...

I will finally agree that you have a bump... and it is a very cute one at that!