Saturday, February 12, 2011

baby news

Since some of our dearest family and friends are spread from California to Florida, I figured the best way to share in our journey to parenthood would be to post pictures and stories here.
I've read a lot of blogs by moms who don't care share stuff on facebook where there's a chance that some random kid you went to third grade with would see and comment on your pregnancy update for your beloved aunt in California. Of course, that could happen here as well, but since we only have 14 followers and most of them are family, the chances are slim. 
So, to my beloved family and friends from coast to coast. Here's an update on Baby G. Tomorrow we head to the doctor for our 16week appointment. Another routine, in-and-out in twenty minutes kind of visit... but next month is THE BIG ONE! Hopefully on or around March 14 we'll know what color to buy for this little one. 
I've not been so good with the belly pictures... mostly because I don't think there's really anything to look at yet. But here's our progression so far.  (and bonus points to anyone who can tell me why they keep uploading sideways!)
12 Weeks
13 weeks
 15 weeks
This is the bathroom in my office building. This particular morning we had a temp of -3 and 6inches of snow on the ground. Hence the ponytail and jeans. 

I was so hoping I would be one of those who loved every second of being pregnant... the first trimester and all it's nausea seemed to linger forever. Life in the second trimester is so much better... aside from all of the uncontrollable crying and sore back. :) I still don't know how women do this more than once. 
I read so much it's probably unhealthy. Ha. Tevie said I start every sentence with, "I read today that...". But when it's your first, how else are you going to learn?! I am totally amazed at just how awesome God is. How He creates life from almost nothing. Babies truly are miracles and I feel blessed beyond measure that in some small way He lets women assist in this particular miracle. 
More updates to come!


The Fox Family said...

I love you, your cute bump and the fact that you apologized for a pony tail :)

Haley said...

One thing I can say about the photos is that your phone probably auto-rotates and that doesn't translate to the uploaded photo. You may have to save the images to a computer and in your file explorer force a rotation on the image file, usually right click rotate clockwise/counter clockwise.

Haley Peden

p.s. I like to read your posts, they are quite inspiring. I hope you don't think of me as the weird person commenting when you haven't seen me in quite a while.

Tevie & Allysa said...

Haley, I do save them to my computer. They look perfectly normal uploaded from a phone as a saved file. It's when I upload them to the post that they flip on me. It's so weird. :)
I'm glad you find the posts inspiring and I don't think you're weird at all! Miss you, sweet girl. Saw your Aunt Molly at Kroger a few weeks ago- she is awfully proud of you and Wesley! :)

Haley said...

That is a long discussion of this issue. The last person suggested turning the picture upside down before uploading.