Monday, February 7, 2011

service through words

Since our board president stepped down in December, I have the privilege of writing the articles in our pregnancy center's monthly newsletter. Since I usually have something floating around in my head, I happily accepted this, ministry. :) 
I wanted to share these articles with you in hopes that you'll join me in praying for this ministry. There is a false idea that ministries should struggle. That it's not ministry if you have budget surpluses and enough staff. I disagree. But we're struggling to overcome this stereotype. I hope you find the following articles encouraging. Check out our website at for more information.
January 2011
It is with great joy that I write to you this month! One doesn’t have to be a part of the Agape House PRC for very long to see all of the amazing things God is doing in the lives of His people.
While Agape House is ready for the good things 2011 will bring, I can’t help but think about the Christmas season we just celebrated. Each day at Agape House we have the privilege of seeing God’s light shine through the faces of precious children and babies. I will be the first to admit that God laid it upon my heart to serve in this ministry months before I finally obeyed and joined this amazing group of volunteers. Through His word he showed me time and time again that He is passionate for these mothers, fathers, and children.  I find such peace in knowing that our God has a special place in His heart for babies born in less than perfect circumstances. How do I know this? His very own son entered the world on the floor of a stable, through the womb of a teenager and in the presence of a carpenter. He wasn’t expected. Our glorious king and savior, born as a tiny baby, laid in a dirty manger, wrapped in rags… and loved more than life itself by his faithful, God-fearing parents. Out of mess came the Messiah.
It brings me such great joy to know that our great God, who used that tiny baby to change the world, still uses children to touch our hearts and change our lives. God is at work in the lives of the mothers, fathers, and children served by Agape House. While they may find themselves in less than perfect circumstances, God is weaving each detail of their precious lives into a beautiful tapestry. Sometimes that’s hard to see when we are looking up at the tangled mess that is the backside of that masterpiece. Because God is always faithful and always good, we know that as we strive to serve Him and obey His will, the blessings will be more than our feeble human hands can hold.
Psalm 65:11 is the memory verse I have chosen to begin this New Year. The New Living Translation reads, “You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hardest pathways overflow with abundance.” This is my prayer for you this year- that even when the pathway is hard, you are blessed beyond measure. Please join me in praying this same prayer for the children, families and volunteers of Agape House. Thank you for your continued support of our ministry.
February 2011
As we prepare for the final full month of winter, I find great happiness in knowing our furry little groundhog friend predicted an early spring. While we rejoice in the God’s beautiful creation and the purity of freshly fallen snow, it’s encouraging to look forward to the promise of spring and the new life it brings.
For many, February means roses, sappy cards and chocolate. One of my favorite Valentine’s Day traditions is poking my way through a big box of chocolates. Come on, now, we all do it! In fear of getting the yucky mystery- fluff-filled one, you poke your thumb through the bottom of each one, looking for sweet caramel gooeyness.  Wouldn’t life be easier if we could do that with people? What if we could see what’s inside of them before we get involved? There would be a lot less heartbreak if we could pass people through an x-ray and see their sour core before getting attached.
Do you know the beautiful thing about God’s grace though? He uses those relationships, the people who hurt us, and every poor decisions to bring us good. He promises that He “causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them (Romans 8:28 NLT).” Everything. Every triumph, every good thing, every poor decision, every stumbling block. Everything is used to bring him Glory. What peace there is in believing that truth!
Each day, the staff at Agape House Pregnancy Resource Center serves men, women and families who need to hear this truth. Our volunteers bring hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness by sharing the message of God’s love with dozens of people on a weekly basis. Many of our clients wouldn’t choose to be in the position in which they currently find themselves. Maybe right now you can say the same for yourself. Take comfort in knowing that our Great God will always be glorified and is always, always near to the broken hearted. What satan intends for destruction, God uses to construct a new life, a new hope and a new joy.
Before you dig into that box of chocolates next week, thank God for not just using the sweet ones, but the mystery-fluff-filled ones too! This month, we’re praying for you right where you are. Please prayer for the mission, ministry, volunteers and families at Agape House.
in His service,

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