Thursday, February 17, 2011

snips and snails and puppy dog tails

Baby G is a BOY! 
On Tuesday we went in for our monthly appointment. After all of the typical fetal heartbeat, mom's blood pressure and weight stuff, Dr. Crosslin comes in and asks us a few questions. He signs my slip and tells me he'll see me next month, then looks down at his watch. He says, "Come across the hall and let's take a peek." Tevie and I weren't expecting an ultrasound today and when we told Dr. Crosslin that he said, "Well I've got a few minutes to kill before I pick my daughter up from swim practice." 
He had to turn the machine on and we eagerly waited for it to warm up. Tevie asked if he could tell the sex at 16 weeks. The doctor said he could but to "keep your receipts" because he doesn't make any promises. :)

The first picture he took was this one. How cool is it that you can see the little bones in his arm and leg!
He drew a little a arrow and told us to look there. Then he said, "That's a boy!" At which point Tevie may have passed out in the floor from excitement! :) He snapped the following pictures that show that our little man apparently isn't afraid to strut his stuff in front of the camera! :)

Those two little circles all the way to the right are the umbilical cord. We could see it pulsating on the ultrasound. So cool!

We'll do the "official" ultrasound on March 14 at our 20week appointment, but the resounding word from the doc (and the evidence in the pictures) shows we're welcoming a SON!
Thankfully we have nearly 24 more weeks to decide on a name. We both really like Spencer Perry. Spencer is Tevie's brother's middle name and my great grandfather's name (as well as my grandmother's name) was Perry. So both hold a special place in our hearts. 
Don't go monogramming anything yet, Kristin! The jury's still out! 
Much love,

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The Sexton 3 said...

bahaha.. you KNEW I would read this!

Love the name... and SGP will look great monogrammed, just saying! :)

Love you.. and love HIM! :) AHH!!!