Thursday, March 7, 2013

Join the Movement!

The Lord is so cool. When He convicts and we're obedient, He blesses in a big way! This year's "Forget the Frock" movement is no exception! 

If you don't know what "Forget the Frock" is please check out this post by the faithful, obedient, and just a bit sassy Emily Fox. She was the voice of one calling in the desert this winter, encouraging all of us to make a difference this Easter and love on JUST ONE orphan. 

This is our 3rd year to Forget the Frock. You can read about the first two years here and here. This year, we're supporting 18000for18000 and Feeding the Orphans. We have been convicted more and more lately about being intentional with every penny we spend. From shopping locally and seasonally for produce to making sure the clothes we purchase make a difference in the lives of just one person.

More than just the "cool thing" to do, looking after orphans and widows in their distress is asked of us in scripture (James 1:27, is one of many that come to mind). But if you ask me, loving the least of these and putting food in the belly of just one sweet baby in an orphanage somewhere is a pretty cool thing to do. 

This year, our family will be celebrating Easter at the happiest place on earth. Yes! DISNEYWORLD! We finally get to "open" our Christmas present from my parents. :) My sister asked if it would be weird to wear our orphan shirts in the home of excess in America, if ever there were one. But I think not. We might get some stares from people because our party of 8 is rocking coordinating shirts (but not near as many stares as we'll get the day we all--yep all 8-- wear MATCHING shirts!), but what a great reminder for us, and for everyone standing behind us in line, and as we bow our heads to pray over every excessive meal on our Disney Dining Plan, that not everyone eats like we do. Not every sweet child will experience the magic of Disney, or even the magic of a momma's snuggle or three solid meals a day. 

I shared this post on Facebook and Emily said she prayed God would do a mighty work during "Occupy Disney". "Oh to see the person's face that gets to be the first to ask about the shirts... I feel a sermon coming with noted excerpts from James and maybe even an alter call." An altar call on Main Street?! Excuse me, Small World, we're gonna need that river to do some baptizin'! ;) The God I serve can most definitely turn Disneyworld into the most orphan-lovin' place on earth!

So, go for it. Buy a new outfit for Easter this year-- but make it an outfit with a purpose! LOVE ONE!

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