Tuesday, February 12, 2013

breaking winter boredom

I am going to start by being honest. While I am posting about how fun my toddler is, today is actually more like this:

Dane is nearly 19 months and has quickly learned that he has an opinion. And that it can differ from mommy's. Which is awesome. So there have been a lot of "are you kidding me's" and "If you do that ONE MORE TIME!'s" today. 

BUT we really do have a lot of fun around here! :) This week we introduced shaving cream paint to the tub. He thought this was pretty much the greatest thing ever and kept asking for "moh" (more). :)

We've also experimented with homemade paint (water, cornstarch, and food coloring). Better suited for outside on the sidewalk. It was messy and flaked everywhere after it dried. 

This baby also loooves to cook and "wash dishes". Future wife, know that not only do I pray for you already, I'm teaching him a thing or two in the kitchen. You're welcome.

Winter in our neck of the woods is unpredictable. After a few days of rainy/icy, cold weather, we decided we could bring the outdoor fun inside! For the record, I did once say that my living room wouldn't be full of gaudy, plastic ugliness. In my defense, this does not count! This was an outside toy brought inside to break the winter monotony. It is back outside...and my living is so full of wooden kitchen pieces and food and library books that we have no room for plastic junk. ;)

When the weather is nice though, this boy begs to be "ou-si". In true Kentucky fashion, this child is horse lover. Really an animal lover just like momma. :) He will pet any "puuuupppy", "tit tat" (kitty cat) or other furry creature. But he really, really loves "hoh-ses". Like really, really. Tevie's family has a horse and mule farm so on visit's to the Goodens' he gets in plenty of kisses and snuggles with his faves. But in the meantime, the horses in the pasture that sits directly in front of us help him get his fix. 

We were told spring was on it's way! Let's hope so because we're ready to enjoy the pool, sandbox and running barefoot in the grass!

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