Tuesday, February 12, 2013

chalk it up

If you've spent any time on Pinterest, you've seen the wonder that is chalk paint. Not CHALKBOARD paint you write on, I am talking about this beautiful, magic medium that can transform just about anything. 

Some of use are lucky enough to have some creative talent. I am not one, BUT I am blessed with a family full of creative, entrepreneurial geniuses. One of those is my aunt Lori, owner of 101 North Vintage. Check. her. out! Amazingly cute stuff! 

Our Thanksgiving break was spent at my parents' home surrounded by 17 family members for a whole week! That week, of course, including a crash course in chalk painting and shopping for the perfect vintage pieces. One of which was a hidden-leaf Duncan Fife dining table that I am STILL mad at myself for not snagging!! :( 

I sat around this dining room table as a little girl. Playing playdoh, eating supper, celebrating birthdays. My parents gifted it to me when I got married in all it's pine glory. 
 My tutorial with Lori was done using a charcoaly/blue paint. We redid some chairs for mom and the blue tone was so perfect for her basement. After seeing it on my table for a few weeks though I just decided it didn't work. So, I took that puppy to the back deck, gave her a gently sanding-- the best part about chalk paint is that is rubs off pretty easily with some sandpaper, making it very easy to distress, or completely start over! Paint, sand, and then finish with finishing wax which is buffed with fine steel wool. How easy is that?

I chose not to completely remove the blue, instead it looks great peeking through the white in places. 
For a detailed tutorial or more information you can check out Inspired, Wired & Fired or 101 North Vintage.

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