Wednesday, September 5, 2012

over the river...

And through the woods to Granna's (and Papa's) house we go!

We spent the weekend visiting my family in NC and Dane was spoiled to no end. In fact, we've been doing a little grandparent detox the last few days!

Dane's Papa arrived Thursday and was shocked when Tevie and I headed out to do things we needed to do and left HIM to bathe the boy and put him to bed! Dane was in very capable hands!

Friday it was off to NC where we met Aunt Brynnie and Uncle Ryan for dinner and watched Uncle Chase play in the pep band at Dane's first high school football game. Dane was soooo tired he screamed and cried every time the band played or the crowd cheered, so we left before the first quarter ended. :)

I love spending time at my parents' home. I think no matter how big you get, you always feel at home at your momma and daddy's. Dane has so much fun playing with special toys (that were his mom's!-- I think they call it "vintage" now!) and taking baths in Granna's giant tub. He is covered in kisses and tickles and showered with love. It's always hard to come home!

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