Tuesday, April 24, 2012

pizza with pappy

Perry Dane has no shortage of people who simply adore him. We are so blessed that our sweet boy will always be surrounded by a supportive, loving family who encourage him in the ways of the Lord. 

Dane's Pappy (Tevie's dad) loves to sing and always sings bible songs to Dane. One of their favorites to do together is "The Wise Man". I'm not sure if Dane finally grasped that the floods came up, or if he thought it was funny to put his sippy on his head, either way, it made for cute pictures and laughs from his family. :)

 Laughing with Pappy while they sing.
 "Here, Elphie, are you thirsty?"

 Gumming a pizza crust to death. :)
 This is my most favorite picture EVER!!! Elphie was giving a high five, hoping Dane would share with her! What a mess!!

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