Tuesday, April 17, 2012

baby on board

We are still trying to recuperate from our whirlwind family vacation. We spent last week traveling with my parents to Phoenix and San Antonio to visit family. Dane is an all-star flyer- handling each of the three flights we took with the poise of a big boy! 

I wish I could say he handled the time change that well. Moving ahead two hours proved tough on the little guy. We had it all figured out by the end, but, boy, were we all glad to be back at home in our own beds. Here are a few photos from our big adventure. 

Dane is named after my great grandpa Perry Lou Crawley. He went to be with Jesus on June 6, 2004. His bride, my great grandma Johnie, just oozes adoration for my sweet boy who not only shares her love's name but also his birthdate. 
We lived in a total of four houses in Phoenix. Hey, I told you we moved a lot, right? This was our favorite by far. We were trying to remind Chase of all the cool things he was far too little to recall. It's fun walking down memory lane, but I'm so glad we didn't stay in that precious house. If we had, I wouldn't have my amazing husband and sweet boy.
Speaking of memory lane, I called up an old friend and we got to spend some time together while I was in town. I love that now that I'm a mommy I find myself reaching out to the girls I haven't seen since we left Arizona over ten years ago. Whenever I have a question about cloth diapering, breast feeding, baby food making, etc, it's my Arizona friends I seek counsel from. I guess you can take the girl out of Arizona but you can't take the Arizona out of the girl. :)

Brianne has such a sweet spirit and her baby girl Kaelyn is precious! They were so sweet to let us come play at their house. I have never seen two babies act like ours did together! Dane was soooooooo excited. He wanted to hug Kaelyn, pinch her, pull her hairbow. Maybe it was love at first sight! ;) Hey, with godly loving parents like she has, I wouldn't object. Maybe there is something to arranged marriages....

 Dane has rapidly developed over the last few weeks. His personality is really shining through. He is very easily excitable and full of it facial expressions. The bigger reaction he gets from his audience, the more faces he'll make. I think he has a future on the stage...
 One big development is figuring out to move. He isn't crawling yet but if the way he's getting up on his knees is any indication, it won't be long!
 My aunt and uncle and their two amazing kids live in San Antonio. They volunteer with a production company that brings CCM bands to the area. While we were in town, the Casting Crowns "Come to the Well" tour was in Austin. They got us hooked up as volunteers. It was such a cool night. Did you know that the whole tour meets before the show for a devotional? They pray together and then everyone spreads out through the venue to pray over each and every seat. It was so cool to be a part of that and to see that these artists really view what they do as a ministry.
 Casting Crowns is cool and all....but I totally went to see Matthew West. My Pandora is set to Matthew West Radio and I can't tell you how his album "Something to Say" has ministered to me. After the show he was kind enough to let us take a quick picture. His is humble and kind-- and, man, can he sing! My favorite thing though? He carries his own sharpies. He didn't admit to being a germophobe, but as a germophobe myself, I'm pretty sure it's because he doesn't want to be touching other peoples' germy pens. And that makes me love him even more.

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