Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving: Round 2

Isn't a little ironic that I feel busier (and my house is waaaaay dirtier) than when I was working full time?! I don't get it! We've been living life at 90mph lately and taking lots of photos. :)

We had a wonderful time visiting with my family for Thanksgiving. We ate some good food, celebrated mom and dad's 27th wedding anniversary, spent a great morning having breakfast in my sister and brother-in-law's new home and decorated the Pruitt Family Christmas Tree. Enough talking- pictures are better.

Our table setting...
cutest turkey ever! :)

snuggles with Papa

the newlyweds
I can't take enough pictures of him.

"Uh, Papa, your hat's a little big even on my melon head."
Chase holding Brynn and Ryan's new puppy, Bigsby (the name is still under debate, I think)
There is too much cuteness here.
Dad has an awesome super- fancy Canon camera... that my sister doesn't know how to work. Here I am trying to talk her through how to use it so we can get a family photo at dinner.

So if we can crop out my goofy face in the above pic and merge in Tev's cute smile, we might have a good photo... ugh.
Celebrating 27 beautiful years of marriage with Dinner at the Speedway Club.
Finally! A family photo... aaaaand, the baby is asleep.

More to come. The photos on the super-fancy camera are HUGE files and take a while to download. If only there were 25 hours in a day... or my baby slept through the night.

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