Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving: Round 1

We've been busy around here! This little man changes almost daily and is sooooo much fun! My mom's dear friend send him a beautiful knitted blanket and, of course, we had to do a "thank you" photo shoot.

OH, don't those blue eyes just make you want to melt! Dane is inching closer to sitting up on his own. Right now he does really when he's propped on his boppy or the couch. Tell me his face doesn't make you laugh out loud!
We can't sit for too long though. It's a lot of work!
Papa J, Granna and Uncle Chase came in for a quick visit to tide them over until Thanksgiving. We had a great time playing with them while they were here.

 Uncle Chase was holed up in Dane's room playing video games...
 Papa J stole lots of snuggles. :)

Granna loves to play with the Boy. 

We enjoyed an early Thanksgiving with Dane's Poppa T and Gran Gooden. We ate too much and took some good naps. :)
Sorry, Auntie Meg and Uncle Jess! At least it's not on facebook! Dane got to spend an evening with his Poppa and Gran while Mommy and Daddy went on their first date in months!! Even though it was just out to dinner and running some errands we had the best time together. I'm so blessed to have married my best friend.

 After a morning walk... our poor effort to work off some of delicious food we ate!

 Dane spending time with his Grammy Sherry.
Here he is snuggled up with his Gran, taking a much needed nap. I assume he's starting to get some teeth. For a baby who doesn't cry and is always in a good mood, he's been fussing and upset a lot lately. If this is teething.... IT STINKS! I hope those nasty things come through quickly!
On our date night we ate dinner at Red Lobster and brought home the extra biscuits... Unfortunately, I forgot about them until we found Bingo in this predicament. Notice his food bowl in the background. The poor guy just couldn't help himself, I guess.
Dane and I enjoy the weekends because it always means there is plenty of time with Daddy.
We wrapped up a great weekend by going to church as a family and coming home to eat leftovers....
...and take a good Sunday afternoon nap. :) (HA! Sorry guys! It's too easy!)
This week we are off to North Carolina for Thanksgiving with Dane's Papa J and Granna. We also get to see Auntie B and Uncle Ryan's new house! More pictures to come, I'm sure!

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