Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To my 18month old

Perry Dane,

How on earth are you already 18 months old? Everyone we know is having babies and it doesn't seem like it was all that long ago we were sitting in that hospital bed counting all of your fingers and toes and relishing every inch of you.

You are a most independent child. You have learned to voice your opinion (loudly!) when it is different from momma and daddy's. You love watching Despicable Me, Rio and you also like Cars and Monsters, Inc. But "pickapick" (Despicable) and "eeeoooo" (Rio) are your favorites. :) You know so many different signs, too! You can tell us when you want momma or daddy, when you want to eat, drink milk, or go see the horses. :) Sometimes we think you make up your own signs because you know that moving your hands in a certain way will get you things! You can say:
anna (Granna)
Dess (Jess)
B (Brynn)
I-an (Ryan)
Chess (Chase)
Ettie (Elphie)
nack (snack)
do! (go!)
and you're really good at telling Ettie "nah,nah,nah!" which means "no, no no!" because she's usually trying to take your food!

We love you so very much sweet boy. You grow and change everyday. And every single day we grow more prouder of you. We aren't allowed to begin eating until we pray-- by your command. You will put your fork down and fold your hands together-- and it melts our hearts every time. I continue to pray that you love the Lord and His people and you hide His word in your heart.

We wouldn't mind a bit if you stopped growing! Love you sweet boy!

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