Monday, January 3, 2011

A baby makes 3!

We are blessed beyond belief to announce the arrival of sweet Baby G this August! Can I just tell you, it was nearly impossible to keep this baby a secret! But seeing those sweet tears and priceless reactions from our families at Christmas made it all worth it! This Christmas was a BIG one! My little sister Brynn and her match-made-in-heaven Ryan got engaged on Christmas morning! My proud daddy is telling everyone his family has grown by two! ;)

I hope you will join us in prayer. Each day I speak life, health and wholeness over this precious little person. I hope you also join me in prayer for little Lincoln Shaw. He was born with a few little health issues- nothing our great big God can't handle! I find such comfort in knowing that our God has a special place in His heart for babies born in less than perfect conditions... after all, His own Son was born in a pile of straw, wrapped in rags, and laid in a manger. God is near to Brooke, Steve and Lincoln right now and I pray they feel His presence.

Happy New Year from the Goodens! All three of us! 


Jamie said...

YAY! I'm sooooo excited for you Allysa! What a joy for you and your husband! Enjoy this wonderful time as a growing family!!!

jennyb said...

Once again, words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for you and Tevie! I pray for the health and wellness of baby G daily and that his Momma remainds healthy and happy throughout the remainder of the pregnancy. :)
Love you both & congratulations again!